Tatum Morell

Missing hiker’s body found in Montana mountains

Rescuers have recovered the body of a missing hiker from the rugged Montana mountains nearly two months after she set out on a solo trip and never returned, officials said Sunday.

Tatum Morell, 23, was discovered on Saturday after climbers found her body in a gully below Whitetail Peak, Red Lodge Fire Rescue said. Rescuers believe Morell was climbing the 12,500-foot-tall Whitetail Peak when she was caught in a rock slide and suffered fatal injuries.

“After almost two months of extensive search efforts, we are relieved that she is able to be returned to her family,” said Assistant Chief Jon Trapp with Red Lodge Fire Rescue. “The effort volunteers put into finding Tatum surpassed anything I’ve seen in my 17 years with Search and Rescue operations; it was absolutely incredible.”

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