Esther Dingley

Missing hiker Esther Dingley’s campervan ‘spotted with someone sleeping inside’

Authorities investigating the disappearance of British hiker Esther Dingley in the Pyrenees have come across a bizarre twist.

A witness claims they spotted someone sleeping in Esther’s campervan, 10 days after she vanished.

The witness, a local dog walker called Lucia, claims she saw a figure asleep on the back seat of the hiker’s Fiat Chausson in Benasque, on December 2.

The 37-year-old hiker vanished during a hike in the Pyrenees on November 22. She has not been heard from since sending a selfie to her boyfriend, Daniel Colegate.

“I saw someone sleeping in the back of the caravan car and I couldn’t believe it. I first saw the light on when I took my dog out about 7pm. It seemed a bit strange,” Lucia told the Daily Mail.

“Then I took the dog out again about 10pm and I took a closer look. I could see someone asleep in the back of the van. They were lying down. They were not moving. They were lying quite still,” she added.



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